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#JustAdded: Irawo (My Star) by Amota DKing to "My Pop Sh!t" Playlist

Amota DKing, also known as Adeleke Emmanuel Omosuyi, is a Nigerian singer who has recently released his new single "Irawo (My Star)" from his album "77". This track has been added to the "My Pop Sh!t" playlist, and for good reason. "Irawo" is a beautiful track that captures the essence of African music and the joy that comes with it.

According to Amota DKing, music is a catalyst that every African has access to and can use as an opportunity to spread joy through sound that cuts across all ages. This is evident in his music, which is a beautiful fusion of traditional African music and contemporary sounds. His mission is to create, provide and expand positively to life-changing experiences through his sound, and he operates with an entrepreneurial spirit, values, creativity and celebrates courageous innovation of African music to the world.

The EP "77" was released five years ago but the production and overall making took him less than 90 days. The EP consists of seven creative and great tracks. Some of the tracks in the EP have been long-time lyrics he compiled years back; it's actually his best EP since 14 years career in the music industry. It was produced by Lake Production and was all recorded in his personal studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

"Irawo (My Star)" is one of the standout tracks from the EP. It is a beautiful love song that captures the essence of what it means to be in love with someone. The track features beautiful harmonies, catchy beats, and an overall vibe that will have you moving your feet. The lyrics are also meaningful and relatable, making it a track that anyone can enjoy.

Amota DKing's music is a beautiful fusion of African sounds and contemporary music, and it is clear that he has put a lot of thought and care into creating his music. His commitment to spreading joy through his sound is evident in every track he produces, and "Irawo (My Star)" is no exception.

In conclusion, "Irawo (My Star)" is a beautiful track that captures the essence of African music and the joy that comes with it. It is a testament to Amota DKing's commitment to creating beautiful music that everyone can enjoy. If you haven't already, be sure to check out "Irawo (My Star)" and the rest of the "77" EP on your favorite streaming platform.

Stream “Irawo (My Star)” now on the “My Pop Sh!t” Playlist available on Spotify, TIDAL, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Pandora and now AudioMack Click to Follow MY POP SH!T


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