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#JustAdded: To The "My Pop Sh!t" Playlist Jhonni Blaze - "Fumble"

R&B artist and actress Jhonni Blaze just released her latest single "Fumble". Born Jzapal Vonkrishna, Jhonni is an accomplishment singer-songwriter with the ability to play multiple instruments and blessed with a captivating soulful voice reminiscent of the "greats".

Jhonni gained notoriety with various appearances on Love & Hip-Hop, while garnering universal respect from music executives, tastemakers and artists within the music industry. Jhonni Blaze has worked with the likes of Neyo, Trina, Tifa, NLE Choppa, Macy Gray, Elephant Man and many many others.

On her latest record "Fumble" Jhonni is complete "Boss-Chick" mode as she lets her Ex knows that they "fumbled the bag" letting go of a prize such as Jhonni Blaze. This empowering catchy record is the perfect fit for DaPlaylister Network's "My Pop Sh!t" Playlist !!


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