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The Legends Prove They Still Have Relevance...

KEM "Live Out Your Love"

This week’s additions to the Beneath The Surface and The Pop list you find legendary veteran artists dominating.

Alanis Morrissette "Ablaze"

The Great Alanis Morrissette finds herself at the top of the “Beneath The Surface” Playlist with her new single “Ablaze” off her latest EP “Such Pretty Forks in the Road” On "Ablaze" Alanis message is clear about how culture, religion and gender norms shape our society in many ways not to its benefit.

Veteran, award winning R&B Crooner and songwriter KEM finds himself on both the Pop list and the Beneath The Surface lists with his incredible romantic duet “Live Out Your Love” featuring Toni Braxton.

Speaking of Ms. Braxton the legendary R&B Diva latest single simply tilted “Dance” is featured on the Pop list. This record is a scorcher.

Toni Braxton "Dance"

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