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"Somebody" by Toronto's 92 added to the "Beneath The Surface" Playlist at No. 5

Rising Toronto artist 92 new single "Somebody" has been added to the "Beneath The Surface" Playlist in the top 5 position no less. Produced by Zuri. The song is being released by LA based independent music distributor Digital Currrensy Inc., the same company behind RMR's "Rascal." This record is an absolute pop hit and industry insiders agree as "Somebody" debut on the influential Complex magazine website.

Toronto-born r&b/pop artist 92’s story is one of inspiration and an upbringing that saw the rising artist grow up around music and the music business. 92’s father is Persian singing legend Saman. His father’s notoriety gave 92 a glimpse of what could be pursuing a career in music. Inspired heavily by Prince and Michael Jackson, 92 began releasing music of his own in February 2019. Early songs such as “Cocaine Stains” and “Smoke & Mirrors” displayed 92’s penchant for telling stories of love & loss seen through an audio haze drawing comparisons to The Weeknd, another Toronto raised artist.

The aforementioned Michael Jackson and his influence on 92’s musical beginnings inspired the 6ix-raised artist to cover one of Michael Jackson’s most famous songs “Human Nature.” It was on the cover, which can be found on YouTube and 92’s Instagram page, that his smooth, soulful vocals are on display doing justice to a timeless record. It is those timeless records that 92 is looking to build through a catalog of his own. His forthcoming “Somebody” calls out for a ride or die chick while the acoustic-driven “Fireworks” combines r&b and pop with 80s sensibilities for what can only be described as a modern-day power ballad. Despite growing up in the shadow of a musical legend, 92 is looking to step into the foreground and put his name alongside other legends from his city.

Twitter: @Its92music

Instagram: @Its92

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