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#PodcastAlert: Listed Live: Jimmy C. Jules - Actor, Producer, Director, Child Who Got Left Behind..

Listed is a brand that supports new and upcoming urban music artists with an online video broadcast where we discuss music/celebrity and entertainment topics. We aim to bring on guests every week to help showcase their work and talk about their current projects.

Listed is all about real news, real stories, and real people discussing trending topics and sharing them with the world.

Listed was originally a Spotify Playlist, created to showcase new and upcoming urban music artists. As the brand has been growing, we decided to start recording a weekly talk show which would include music and entertainment industry topics and discussions. We’ll have weekly guest hosts who are new and upcoming artists, or people in the industry who want to talk about what they do and share their stories with the world.


This week we spoke to actor, producer and director Jimmy C. Jules and his journey being a multi dimensional and multi talented creative across the music and entertainment industry and his focus on the film industry with his new and upcoming projects, his journey working with some of the biggest names in the industry and advice for new and upcoming actors and musicians.

Instagram: @JimmyCJules

Twitter: @JimmyCJules

Facebook: @JimmyC.Jules


We’re live every Tuesday 6pm eastern standard time ,

Follow us on Instagram @Listed_Interviews


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