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Nyasia Chane'l drops a gem celebrating "Cuffin' Season"

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The feeling of love is always best represented through song. Those timeless records that capture the many intricacies of the feeling, that always puts into words our deepest thoughts. It’s that type of music that always stands out because it’s something that you can feel, and Nyasia Chane’l’s “Cuffed” is a song that will have you deep in the feels.

Nyasia Chane’l captures the feeling of true commitment to perfection on the new song “Cuffed”. The fresh R&B and Pop blended sound, sets the tone perfectly with music that makes you feel emotion right away to get invested early. As you get invested in the sound, you get to hear Nyasia’s vocals that brings major soul to the music, as we all as pure emotion to bring the heartfelt writing to life, to make it all complete for us to enjoy and relate to.

Nyasia Chane’l’s “Cuffed” is an amazing body of work for this ultra talented star that shines to the fullest. She shows musical poise that makes you feel her presence, to give people something filled with real emotion, as well as something they can come back to for time to come. This song is must hear, and has something to love for everyone out there to love.

Instagram: @Nyasia_Chanel_

Facebook: @ItsNyasiaChanel

Editor's Note: This article originally posted at "Cuffed" is featured on our "My Pop Sh!T" Playlist


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