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"Nasty" Nas got Mass Appeal - Nas sits at No. 1 on our Network

It's not often where one artist sits at the number one spot on both our signature playlists "My Pop Sh!t" & "Beneath The Surface" but Nasir Jones p/k/a Nas latest EP "Magic" has two records "Wave Gods" featuring A$ap Rocky (produced by Dj. Premier and Hit Boy) and "Speechless"

"Wave Gods" is a throwback record with new school swag unapologetically boastful and full of swag the definition of what many feel "Hip Hop" should be. Since Hip Hop is now pop it is only fitting that that leads off the "My Pop Sh!t" Playlist

"Speechless" is Nas at his best, painting lyrical pictures with third party narratives and parables intertwined with witty punchlines and introspection. "Speechless" wouldn't be the type of song getting much airplay on commercial radio or lists so we felt it embodies what is beneath the surface of the mainstream, thus earning its top spot on "The Beneath The Surface" Playlist.


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