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Matchbox Twenty is back after over a decade. And we at DaPlaylister are here for it!!

Legendary Pop/Rock band Match Box Twenty reunites with a brand new single “Wild Dogs”(Running in a Slow Dream) off their fourth coming album “Where the Light Goes”. “Where the Light Goes” is the band’s fifth studio album, and first since their 2012 release “North”. The Album will be produced by Gregg Wattenberg with band members Paul Doucette and Kyle Cook.

For the past decade plus members of Matchbox Twenty have been pursuing other projects. Lead singer Rob Thomas had critical and commercial success after his debut solo project “…Something to be” spawning the hit song “Lonely No More”, “This is How a Heart Breaks”, and “Ever the Same” leading to a world tour. Subsequently releasing three more solo projects continuing to solidify himself as one of the premiere singer/songwriters of a generation.

If “Wild Dogs” is any indication this album is sure to please life long Matchbox Twenty fans as well as introducing the iconic group to younger audiences.

“Wild Dogs” is featured on The “My Pop Sh!t” Playlist


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