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“Last Time I Saw You” the latest single by Nicki Minaj just added to the “My Pop Sh!T” Playlist.

Nicki Minaj, the undisputed Queen of rap, is back in the spotlight with her latest single, "Last Time I Saw You.", reminding everyone of Nicki's versatile talents as both a rapper and singer continuing to shine as one of the greatest songwriters in the industry.

"Last Time I Saw You" is a stunning fusion of pop and rap, illustrating Nicki Minaj's ability to seamlessly transition between genres. The song opens with a melodic and haunting piano melody that immediately captures the listener's attention. Nicki's voice, soft and ethereal, introduces us to a more vulnerable side of the artist that we haven't seen as prominently before. Her singing vocals are both sweet and poignant, serving as the perfect backdrop for the introspective lyrics that follow.

One of the most remarkable aspects of "Last Time I Saw You" is the depth of emotion in its lyrics. Nicki Minaj bares her soul, offering listeners a glimpse into her personal experiences and emotions. The lyrics touch on themes of lost love, regret, and the longing for closure.

Nicki is not a pop icon and we at DaPlaylister Network will continue to celebrate the Queen!



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