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#JustAdded: to the “My Pop Sh!t” Playlist "Come Over" by Bea Kadri

Bea Kadri, the rising R&B/Pop sensation, has recently released her debut album titled "No Love For The Long Distance." Her album takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster through the highs and lows of a five-year long-distance relationship. Among the remarkable tracks on the album, "Come Over" stands out as a relatable and introspective song that captures a moment of wishful thinking after a breakup. In this blog post, we'll explore the essence of "Come Over" and delve into the empowering journey that unfolds in the second half of the album.

"Come Over" perfectly encapsulates the relatable post-breakup experience. Bea Kadri's heartfelt lyrics express her desire to remember only the good times and entertain the idea of reuniting for the hundredth time. The song captures the universal struggle of longing for a past love while simultaneously recognizing the need for personal growth and independence. Through her emotive vocals and poignant storytelling, Bea Kadri immerses listeners in this bittersweet moment of reflection.

During the quarantine period, Bea Kadri embarked on the creation of "No Love For The Long Distance," utilizing collaborations with producers and artists from around the world. Despite the physical distance, Bea's passion and dedication shine through, resulting in a diverse and internationally influenced sound. The album's production seamlessly combines influences from various locations such as LA, Stockholm, Dubai, Beirut, London, and more.

"No Love For The Long Distance" takes listeners on a transformative journey through 11 captivating tracks. The album portrays the evolution of Bea Kadri's own experiences, starting from the sweet beginnings of her relationship, navigating the inevitable downfall, and ultimately celebrating liberation. It showcases Bea's remarkable versatility in songwriting and delivery as she skillfully portrays both the victim and the villain within her story.

Bea Kadri's commitment to emotional authenticity is evident throughout the album. Some tracks feature raw and heartfelt “demo” vocal takes recorded in her home studio, capturing genuine moments of vulnerability. The tears and emotions conveyed in these recordings further enhance the album's profound impact, allowing listeners to connect with the rawness and sincerity of Bea's artistry.

Bea Kadri's debut album, "No Love For The Long Distance," is a testament to her talent as a singer-songwriter. Through tracks like "Come Over," she captures the essence of relatable wishful thinking after a breakup, while the album as a whole takes listeners on a healing journey towards empowerment and liberation. By sharing her own experiences in a long-distance relationship, Bea Kadri showcases her versatility, emotional authenticity, and global collaboration efforts, solidifying her presence in the R&B/Pop music scene. "No Love For The Long Distance" is undoubtedly an album that will resonate with listeners, evoking emotions and inspiring personal growth along the way.

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