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#JustAdded: "SHiTTiN ME" by WhoIsStevenYoung & Dave East

Just added to the "My Pop Sh!t" Playlist "SHiTTiN ME" BY WHOISTEVENYOUNG & Dave East

WHOISTEVENYOUNG and Dave East chemistry is undeniable. New York native Dave East known for his lyrical dynamics has become one of the most well respected emcees in the game. WHOISTEVENYOUNG is the latest R&B sensation who is currently making a name for himself in the industry. WHOISTEVENYOUNG has been heavily featured on several Dave East records to critical acclaim and the approval of fans worldwide.

Their latest song "SHiTTiN ME" released earlier this year has become a YouTube smash hit . With over 100k views in just 3 weeks fans are going crazy over this latest collaboration.

WHOISTEVENYOUNG is making ripples in the music industry behind the scenes, even though getting used to the name might take some time. WHOISTEVENYOUNG, a native of New York, invested a lot of time refining his composing abilities in the recording studio. His skill as a musician led to a quick recording session with Grammy-winning producer MyguyMars. WHOISTEVENYOUNG has worked with Smoke Dza, Young Jeezy, French Montana, The Game, and Dave East. He aspires to raise New York R&B, revolutionize R&B, and take his music global.

"I been following Steve for some time and this kid is the truth. I had to add it to my list!!" - J-Didda


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