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Just added to "My Pop Sh!t" - Izzy Eze - No Regrets

London based singer/songwriter Izzy Eze’s new single “No Regrets” Just added to “My Pop Sh!t” . Every once and a while I find an indie artist that catches my ear and eye, and Izzy is dope. I had to add her to the pop list she is most-certainly poised to pop!


Izzy Eze is an afro-fusion artist, born and raised in

London to Nigerian parents. With her aptitude for

blending an array of genres tracing back to her

childhood discovery of music, including Afrobeats

and R&B, as well as her musical influences from both

cultures, she has been coined the 'African Londoner'.

This has been instrumental in establishing herself as

a multi-talented British Nigerian artist in her own

right, and becoming a leading musical voice for other

Africans in the diaspora.

Izzy's ethereal voice, coupled with her powerful vocal

range and poetic lyrics set her apart. Starting off by

directing her college Gospel choir at the young age of

17, to performing her own material through Spoken

Word poetry (her 'What's in a Woman' YouTube video

has over 84,000 views), Izzy has since written both

RnB and pop songs before finding and settling on her

love for Afrobeats in 2020.

Instagram: @itsizzyeze​

Twitter: @itsizzyeze​

Facebook: itsizzyeze​


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