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Just added to "My Pop Sh!t" -Cordae - Chronicles (feat. H.E.R. and Lil Durk)

Rapper and activist Cordae new song featuring Lil Durk and the incredible talent known as H.E.R. called "Chronicles"

Directed by Aplus, Fredo Tovar, Scott Fleishman and Edwin Tovar, the visual sees the Raleigh-born rapper working at a diner and the three performing right outside the parking lot.

“Chronicles” is taken from Cordae’s latest full-length album From A Birds Eye View, which arrives two years after The Lost Boy.

"These three young artist embody what is popular today, unapologetically themselves and its only fitting I added it to the pop list" - J-Didda (Founder of DaPlaylister)

Prior to the release of the album, Cordae also shared a short message to his listeners:

“Each individual song has a significant place in my heart as they were all inspired by real life events, emotions and experiences. With that being said I ask ya’ll to please listen to songs 1-12 (Shilohs Intro-Westlake High) from top to bottom with no pauses, skips or interruptions. As this is the way it was intended to be listened to, especially the first time around. As a complete body of work. Thank you kindly for your ears and support. Love!”


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