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"In My Home" by Naomi Cheyanne added to 'Beneath The Surface'

Just added to the "Beneath The Surface" Playlist is great heartfelt ballad by the talented Naomi Cheyanne entitled 'In My Home'. Naomi talks about a recent heartbreak but vows to remain open to love and not closed off from the possibility as so many people do when a relationship goes sour.

Naomi Cheyanne is an RnB/Pop artist from Long Beach, CA. Naomi describes herself as a

diverse creative who strives to help others find their voice through music. Finding direction

through writing as a child, Naomi catapulted her passion into writing and producing songs for

many independent artists across multiple genres. Naomi exerts passion through enticing

melodies and multifaceted tones.

Instagram: @NaomiCheyanne


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