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'How' by Jerzey B added to the "Beneath The Surface" Playlist

New Jersey based Hip-Hop Artist Jerzey B latest single "How" has been added to our "Beneath The Surface" Playlist. "How" is an authentically crafted introspective record that laments the consequences and pitfalls of life in the streets.


Jerzey B rises from homelessness to being sentenced to 21 months to finally achieve everything he had aspired for. He is not new to the game but has embraced the harsh realities of life and the real world to curate his songs that give a direct insight into his experiences. His songs carry the enigma of his impressive personality and the stunning rapper makes his versatility evident through his music. Having released several engaging tracks, the talented rapper is set to drop his upcoming EP ‘Guilty’ on September 15. On his terms, the upcoming EP presents the calm before the storm as the artist has unleashed some of his most exquisite qualities to rise above the others.

Instagram: @jerzeybmusikk


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