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Hip Hop Royalty dominates this week with new releases from Nas and The Lox

Rap Gods Nas and the Lox dominate our playlists this week.

King Disease by Nas produced two singles that have matriculated on both “The Pop” list and the Beneath The Surface Playlist. Nas “Ultra Black” and Car #85 are both featured on the Beneath The Surface Playlist. Nas “Ultra Black” is an ode to black culture and another classic by one of the greatest artists to ever live. “Ultra Black” even inspired a new playlist with the same name. Please follow “Ultra Black”. In addition, Car #85 featuring the great Charlie Wilson is wonderfully styled retrospective hip hop classic about life in NYC in the late 90s and early 2000s.

On the heels of BET’s Ruff Ryders Chronicles The Lox released their long awaited Album “Living Off Xperience” with the lead single “Bout…” featuring DMX. The Foundation of Ruff Ryders was The Lox & DMX the proverbial “core four” of the historic label. These hip hop giants don’t disappoint and at number ten on “The Pop List”, “Bout…” is a definite smash!



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