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Get Familiar with Dj Diddy

“TTS” by DJ Diddy feat Lil Jufu just added to the pop list

The Deejay traditionally has been at the forefront of not only the tastemakers but also the original A&R of the streets. DJ Diddy is no different.

After the successful Instagram and Tiktok hit, "Monopoly", DJ Diddy last Friday dropped his follow up “TTS” (Tiktok Shorty) featuring popular TikTok Creatives and artist Lil Jufu. Lil Jufu who’s popular release "Who R U", garnered over 2 Mill views across a multitude of viral platforms. Jufu’s inclusion on the record continues DJ Diddy’s rise as the next premier curator of everybody’s “Viral Soundtrack”

DJ Diddy began as a popular deejay and party promoter at Kean University, as well as Rutgers University. In 2017, he opened up for Lil Uzi Vert at Bliss Lounge in Clifton, New Jersey. Currently he is the youngest celebrity DJ on the market, his sensationalism rose to the surface after blowing up on Tiktok with 1.1 million followers in a span of six months.

As our “Pop” list grows we at the DaPlaylister Network is always looking for the next big pop star and this young man is most definitely in the running!

Instagram @DJDiddyOfficial

Twitter: @DJDiddyOfficial


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