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Dola aka "Space Daughter"

It shouldn't be a surprise that Condola Rashad would excel in everything and anything she decides to do, when one considers her lineage. I'm a fan of the hit Showtime series Billions, the show has a brilliant cast of veteran actors lead by Paul Giamatti. But the character of U.S. District Attorney Kate Sacker which is played by Rashad was one of the standout characters, and there was something familiar about her. So i looked her up and discovered that she is the daughter of Phylicia and Ahmad Rashad.

Much like her famous mother and aunt Debbie Allen, Condola is a pure entertainer, as an actress she has been nominated four times for a Tony Award, however she is proving to be a brilliant singer and songwriter with the released of her two debut singles "Blue" and "Give Up The Gold". Even displaying her dance skills in the video for "Give Up The Gold"

Under the moniker "Dola", Condola has a forthcoming independent release entitled Space Daughter. We all have to watch this star continue to rise.


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